Multiple Casualties

RNLI Teddington
Turks Launches


RNLI Teddington lifeboat crews board the Yarmouth Belle around Raven's Ait, Kingston, in a training exercise. The RNLI worked in conjunction with Turks Launches crew and Teddington Lock personel to simulate a party where the engine on the Belle has broken down at around 19:00.

The ship dropped anchor after a real technical fault was cleared. Two casualties were present for the training exercise: a diabetic with low blood sugar, therefore behaving drunkenly, and a man who has fallen down the stairs and sustained a broken arm and injured leg.

The crews were commended after the exercise, with special recognition given to the Yarmouth Belle's skipper, Shane, for his excellent communication during both the real and simulated mechanical faults.

The crews shared a quick drink before disembarking for the night around 20:30.


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