His Majesty



Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a new Sovereign has acceded to The Throne.

The Telegraph has reported that the new monarch, Charles III, will be crowned with full pomp and ceremony on display, amid the UK’s ongoing cost-of-living crisis As everyday people scrimp and save just to afford basic necessities, the country is faced with increased republican activity.

They pose a simple question: who needs a monarch in 2023?

This series explores the realities of ‘Britishness’ around the royal residence of Windsor Castle on a day where the King was set to make an appearence. His absence in the series encourages the viewer to reflect on the monarchy beyond their celebrity and ‘pomp’, and to confront the Kingdom the Windsors have left in their wake.


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I am a London-based photojournalist and documentary photographer.

My work deals with themes of privacy and accountability on some days, and just plain interesting stories on others.